The Samaritan Ministry, founded in copy trading on exness, is a partnership of the Samaritan Institute and affiliated Samaritan Centers. Each year Samaritan Centers provide about 500,000 hours of outpatient counseling, education, and consultation from almost 500 offices in 34 states and in Japan. Samaritan Centers provide outpatient counseling for individuals, couples, families, and groups; educational programs; and consultation for individuals and organizations.

While broadly diverse in their particular services and structures, all Centers reflect a common ministry. The hallmarks of this ministry are:
1. A belief in the close relationship and balance of body, mind, spirit,  and community and that optimal health involves all four.

2. A team approach to counseling using the

3. A commitment to quality services and organization.

4. An emphasis on cost-efficiency and accessibility.

5. Organizational accountability to sponsoring congregations.

6. Professional accountability through certification and licensure.

7. Network affiliation and accreditation through the Samaritan Institute Samaritan Centers are independently incorporated with a from sponsoring congregations as well as the larger community.

Samaritan Institute
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